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Our royalty free music licences allow you to use our music for FREE where you aren’t monetising your content. As you grow you can easily upgrade your licence with our sensibly priced tiers depending on your project. 

Simple Licensing Model

Our simple licensing model makes it easy to use our music in your online videos, indie films, podcasts and social media video platforms.  We also have an excellent licensing model for all forms of digital advertising.

Composer Benefits

We’re composers ourselves and understand the changes that are taking place industry right now. We work with current and emerging creator platforms enabling you to monetize your music whilst still retaining your music copyright.

Are you an artist or composer?

We’re accepting submissions for quality music right now.  You’ll be able to earn every time one of your tracks is purchased for licensing.

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With a Whoosh Supporter membership, you’ll find access to more free downloads and we’ll assist your searches for new music. We can provide private playlisting and and commission new music directly from our composers.

We’ll also keep you in the loop with new industry developments that might affect you as a creator using music and sound effects, updates on first looks at our new products and services.

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