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Our royalty free music licences are designed to increase composer exposure and where you can’t attribute the composer, they’re priced sensibly and offer simple tiers depending on your project.  You’ll find an excellent collection of unique tracks that are uniquely affordable.

Simple Licensing Model

Our simple licensing model makes it easy to use our music in your online videos, indie films, podcasts and social media video platforms.  We also have an excellent licensing model for all forms of digital advertising.

Composer Benefits

There’s no other music licensing platform that benefits the artist like Whoosh Music.  We’ve struck a fine balance between allowing creators access to high quality music whilst ensuring the artists are well looked after.

Are you an artist or composer?

We’re accepting submissions for quality music right now.  You’ll be able to earn every time one of your tracks is purchased for licensing.

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We’re proud of the relationship we have with our composers and we respect them by delivering what we think are the best licensing and commission models in the industry.

With a Whoosh Supporter membership, you’ll help us keep our servers humming and our support ready to help.

Get access to the tracks you need, when you need them and all so easy.

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